Saturday, August 27, 2011

come on, irene?

Unless you've been living under a rock you know Irene.

The chick who ruined many a weekend plan, including mine. The gal who shut down the entire MTA system (buses, subways, and all) in NYC.

The reason Grand Central station is quiet and vacant tonight and I am sitting on my couch eating pasta, drinking wine, and watching Bride Wars tonight.

So much love for my family and friends across the country tonight. I've recieved texts, calls and Facebook messages checking in on me. I am fine. She is coming but I do not live in an evacuation zone. I'm just hoping my basement level does not flood. It isn't fun when it does.

A text I recieved from my dad last night. And I quote...

Tips for storm:
1. Fill bathtub with water for flushing toilet in case water is shut off.
2. Freeze water in case power is lost to keep food cold.
3 . Duct tape all window panes diagonally then horizontal and vertically in case flying debris hits glass.
4. Stay away from windows during storm.
5. Duct tape around basement windows to hold back water from over filled window wells.
6. Have plenty of batteries.
7. Charge cell phone.
8. If evacuated: take passport, Social Security Card, other important papers & medicine.
9. Call home when you can.
10. Love you! :-)

That's it. The whole thing. In one text with punctuation and capitalization. I love my dad.

Stay safe East Coasters!

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MCW said...

That was nothing. All the hype for that!