Friday, August 12, 2011

r & r - sort of

This morning I was commuting to work, per usual, via one of MTA's lovely express then local subway trains. On the platform waiting for the local train I saw a HUGE DEAD RAT.

I literally gasped "Oh my God!" out loud and almost ran to a different area to wait for my train.

Lately, Manhattan has had me cranky. People are loud in the morning. I vote for a no-talking-before-9-am-on-the-subway-don't-you-people-get-the-ettiquette-of-it rule. The homeless man who frequents my block has been extra pushy. I know he knows me. He sees me every day. I never give him money. He usually accepts it but lately has been asking for "Just a dime! Just ten cents!" And everything is dirty and stinky. And there are dead rats!

Duh. You say. This is New York.

I love this city. It is my heart. It is my boyfriend. But...

It is just all kinds of gross in August.

So thank goodness I get to get away for the weekend! Last year I was lucky enough to be asked to take on nanny duties for a family at their house in the Hamptons. Yes, please! I loved it. I got to enjoy a gorgeous house, a great pool, the beach, and some cute kiddos. So when I was asked back this year, I didn't hesitate.

I took the train out today, arrived as it was cooling off but still sunny and gorgeous, and even got some pool time in this afternoon. Score! I will be reading non-work books (think, Tina Fey), chasing kiddos around, trying not to eat all the ice cream in the house, and getting some nice quiet in.

Seriously, the silence was so loud in my ears this afternoon. No wonder I wished I had a masseuse on retainer last night when I was getting into bed. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing to myself if I notice the quiet so profoundly when I leave the city. As in, I am so used to the stressful noises, activities, etc. that I don't even notice anymore...

That's a thought for another day. I must go relate to, I mean laugh along with, Tina Fey.

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