Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Days 9 & 8 - 10 Day You Challenge


1. Central Park in the Fall

2. My dog's soft ears and the way he puts his head on my lap when I pet him

3. The Barnes and Noble New Releases table

4. The feeling after a good workout

5. My mom's voice over the phone

6. My dad's text messages--emoticons and all

7. The childhood memories I have with my brother

8. London and the stamps in my passport

9. The smile on my face after a good date

.8. FEARS (in no particular order)

2. Lakes and other bodies of water in which I can't see the bottom

3. That Snooki and the cast of Jersey Shore will never go away

4. That kids will grow up running their fingers across iPads and other devices more than they will turning pages of books

5. Mice and rats (as evidenced recently)

6. Birds freak me out a bit too.

7. Driving other people's cars

8. Things I think are normal for a single gal my age

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