Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playlist: There was no white glove but there were plenty of sequins!

It is hard to believe I'm doing two posts in one day, let alone devoting them to the same topic. But this blog exists mostly so that I can record thoughts, events, and occurrences in the moment as this is a unique time in my life that I should document in some way...

That said, I was thinking about this yesterday:

I'd venture to say not too many young dancers growing up in the 80's and 90's can say there wasn't a Michael Jackson song in her (or his!) repertoire. Among the tutus, spandex, and sequins over 11 years of private lessons and subsequent dance recitals, I count three Michael Jackson songs on my list. There were four in my family if you count my mother, who took an adult Jazz class most of my young life. I love this. My mom rocks.

1. Smooth Criminal

This was the best one. It was my last year at a private studio and I was 16. It was a kick ass tap number -- so much fun. The costume consisted of a crushed velvet black dress, mesh like sleeves and, of course, the black hat cocked to one side.

2. Rockin Robin (the Jackson 5)

Raise your hand if you also performed to Rockin Robin at some point in your life. I was 9, it was a tap dance, and I had a red feather boa sewed across my butt. Surprisingly, this wasn't the most embarassing costume I wore throughout the years.

3. Dancin Machine (the Jackson 5)

This one technically wasn't my dance. I think I was 9 when I performed this with one of my oldest friends at the school talent show. She went to my dance studio but was in a different class. I'd go over to her house on Saturdays and she'd teach me the (jazz) dance. I borrowed a very 70's looking costume that one parent commented looked "painted on" (haha) from one of her classmates.

4. Black or White (mom's contribution)

They wore black and white striped jackets with huge shoulder pads. What a sport she was.


5. ABC - Jackson Five (my kids did this one)

I taught dance from the ages of 16 to 22. The best part was choosing the music, choreographing the dances, and choosing the costume. Somewhere in there I had a 7-9 yr old Tap II class that performed this song. It ended up being pretty cute but not one of my faves, I must admit. One of these days I will have to make a list of all the songs my kids performed to before I can't remember them anymore.

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