Saturday, June 27, 2009

They'd be there for me... I know they would!

Yesterday I met up with a new-ish friend for lunch and we ended up on the subject of how we both watch Nick at Nite. I confessed that I've recently rediscovered The Nanny and that watching Nick at Nite reruns has the same affect as a baby blanket these days. It is so comforting.

Then we chatted about how since I now live in NYC, I see the show differently -- recognizing all the stereotypes of a Jewish woman from Queens; It's just that much more amusing. It's no surprise that watching movies and TV shows like this one gave me such a glamorized and Hollywood-ized view of this city. Take Friends for example. This has been my 6:00 pm, my Monday night mealtime buddy for years now. They saw me through college, were there for me when I needed to zone out and laugh at jokes and scenes I'd seen a thousand times...

I wish I lived in the Friends New York though. How great would it be to live across the hall from some of my best friends, be able to just hang out with one at the coffee shop downstairs, be able to fight with my roommate and know that she'd forgive me after the half hour was up. If someone was in the shower in my apartment, I could just go take one at Joey and Chandler's. Let's also not forget the built in love interest. Maybe I'd end up getting pregnant by my ex-boyfriend after one night with a bottle of wine... on second thought, that is too complicated for me... I'd rather be the Monica to someone else's Chandler. And don't get me started on that apartment. Two bedrooms, that skylight, that space! All in the West Village! Of course the writers had to specify that Monica was illegally subletting from her grandmother. There's no way a waitress and a chef who wore rollerskates and fake boobs for a living could afford that place.

It is becoming increasingly more apparent that I don't live in this New York. Still, it is nice to go to the Happy Hours, lunches and book club meetings - and I've met some great people along the way. Until I meet my "Friends" I'll have to settle for living vicariously through the TV set.

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