Thursday, June 4, 2009

there's a place for us...

Last night I went to see a Broadway show... on Broadway. I love that I can say that.
Going down to 42nd Street is always a trip. Most days it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I've definitely become a "look straight ahead, ignore the guys hawking comedy show tickets, and fight off annoyance at the lookey-loo tourists" kind of New Yorker. For the most part I avoid this patch of the city like the plague but every once in a while I make my way over there and remember the New York I knew before it become the forty block radius that is home, work, home again -- lather, rinse, repeat.

I don't know if I've said before how often this city changes for me. Every time I move, every time there is a significant change in my routine, and every time I'm reminded of what my life was (where it was) a year ago I view the city through different eyes. Nothing huge has changed but my perspective is fluid. So cool.

I love musicals. During my first trip to New York in 2002 I saw 42nd Street and Cabaret (with John Stamos, no less!) Then there was the time I saw RENT all doped up on painkillers after having my wisdom teeth out. I saw Movin' Out, Mamma Mia!, and most recently, Wicked at the Pantages in LA. In London there was the Lion King, Chicago, Les Mis, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Since moving to New York I've seen three shows (a feat, given my bank account. Gotta love the rush lotteries!) Spring Awakening was my favorite, In the Heights was awesome and, last night, I enjoyed the revival of West Side Story. I want to be Maria surrounded by all those hot bad boys and singing I Feel Pretty (in Spanish for this show!) with my girlfriends in my room instead of stuck at a cubicle with invisible walls. One of these days I will be a triple threat making me debut on the Broadway stage.

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