Wednesday, June 10, 2009

three cokes

I'm in kind of a funky mood tonight so in an attempt to distract myself I shall tell you all a funny work-related story.

My company has a cafeteria in its building. For me this means the (sometimes rare) occasional high school/college flash back like lunch experience with co-workers from this department or that. My fellow dept members often head down to "the caf" in a hoard and eat together in a conference room upstairs right next to where we all sit that I have affectionately deemed our "caf". Since this isn't high school there isn't much to report with regard to drama, interesting occurrences or cute boys (it is publishing after all...) I did, however, upend a salad once while I was trying to close the lid of the take out container causing the whole thing -- lettuce dressing and all -- to become floor food. Many thanks to the wonderful caf staff for not making me pay for the salad even though I tried to.

But I digress... the one interesting thing our caf offers is "Three Cokes Guy". Given this name by a member of my dept. this guy purchases a heaping plate of food, sometimes a banana or two, and always three Cokes, every day. He then sits with his buddies, barely touches the food, wastes a huge pile of napkins and drinks his three Cokes. This irritates my co-worker to no end as he thinks it is wasteful. He even wrote a comment for the comment board about how the cafeteria should better regulate their food and discourage TCG from misusing resources. My question is -- why three Cokes? A bottle of Coke costs .25 more than a can. While not equal, one bottle is around the same amount as 2 cans of Coke, so purchasing a bottle of Coke rather than 2 cans would be a bit of a savings. I have a slight cola addiction myself so I get the draw, but what is so great about three cans of Coke?

So far there has been no response to the co-worker's complaint. I'm sure the next time I head downstairs for lunch and sit in the general vacinity, I'll catch a glimpse of that row of red cans...

Photo credit goes to Andy Warhol. It isn't three Coke cans but it's pretty close and I'm a fan.

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a boy a girl and a pug said...

I'm more flabbergasted at how many calories are in those 3 cokes...that's insane. He might be the most productive worker with that amount of caffeine after lunch though.