Wednesday, July 7, 2010

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

The following post has been brought to you by the letters D S S (for Desperately Seeking Seersucker whose idea I am totally biting.)

My friend DSS posted today about how much she loves the song Paper Planes and cranks it up every time she hears it. (I love it too!)

So I thought I would post my current "crank-it-up-dance-to-it-like-a-nut-forever-on-repeat" song.

While I realize that Airplanes is in serious serious danger of being majorly overplayed (if it hasn't hit that status already) I really love this song. I find myself rocking out to the chorus, and the other night I went on a run (ok, ok it was more like a jog/power walk but in my defense - and to steal MCW's lovely descriptive phrase - it is hot as balls in NYC right now) around the Reservoir in Central Park) and just kept hitting the back button on this song hoping to glean some real speed and strength from it.

I guess this goes back to yesterday's post. "I could really use a wish right now." I was in Montauk over the weekend (for the 4th - will post pics soon, methinks) and I went into this goofy shop that was just crammed full of crap. I came across about three Magic 8 balls and promptly asked two very important questions. Both answers were along the lines of "all signs point to yes" so I'm hoping the Magic 8 ball works its magic here real soon.

What is your song right now?


MCW said...

LOL! So glad the phrase is spreading in blog land.
I am loving that Katy Perry California song. Cheesey as it may be it makes me want to dance!

flip flops on lex said...

California Gurls holds a special place in my heart right now (for obvious reasons). That was a runner-up for this post, most definitely!

Katie said...

Airplanes is actually my current song on repeat :) Just bought it on iTunes!

DSS said...

Funny lil this song too :) We were out on the boat 2 weekends ago and this song came on and I got on the front of the boat, and put my arms out, and acted like I could dance. And sing. And it made me fall in love with this song :)