Sunday, July 11, 2010


Apparently, I am in the business of stealing blog post ideas this week as this latest one comes from MCW who, in her latest, blog post counted the number of dates she has ever had and mentioned a theory that I had never heard: that one has to go on 50! dates before one knows what she wants in a husband.

So... I decided to try my hand at figuring out my number. A few notes before I share. I have one too-young relationship under my belt. I did not really date in college and only started dating here in NYC. I laugh at this timing sometimes as I often feel like I just set myself up for difficulty with this but there's no going back now. Consequently, the majority of these dates have happened in the last couple of years. This fact alone makes me feel kind of like a you-know-what, but I assure you dear readers only a couple of these guys were good enough to get past the first date.

Without further ado, I give you the list:

Ryan the Kid
Skeezy ****
LI Chris
Not a Ryan
Burger Dan
Mercury Bar Alex
Starbucks Mike (?)
Looks like Andy from the Office
Renaissance Guy
Cutie Pie Gabe
Agent ****
The Lawyer I Really Like
Texas Lawyer
Ryan the Piano Man
Southern Lawyer

In the process of making this list, I remembered several guys but couldn't place exactly when I dated them so I just tacked them onto the end:

Not-a-Catholic Chris
The Greek Guy
Coffee Andrew
Loves Michael Jackson (this is the only one whose name I truly cannot remember)
Shortest Date Ever Scott
Drinks in May (OK, maybe this one too. I'm sorry, whatever your name was)
Saved by the Bell Scott
K's Set Up
Mr. Doesn't Like Dogs
Screenplay Guy (think his name was John?)

That's a grand total of 28. I'm over half-way there.

Most of these guys are have been defined in some way or another by profession (the three lawyers), what made our date memorable (I previously blogged about Renaissance Guy guy here - though I called him French Furniture Guy - as well as Not-a-Catholic guy and Screenplay guy), or in some cases what we did on our date (see Coffee Andrew and Starbucks Mike). You might remember Mr. Doesn't Like Dogs. Some asterisks have been inserted are there to protect the innocent. I've also applied question marks wherever needed.

So there you have it. Two Dan's, Two Ryan's, Three Chris's and a partridge in a pear tree.

Earlier tonight I was thinking about how I want to go on a date. That it feels like it has been a while since my last one. I looked at this list again and it all just makes me smile.

Life is funny.

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MCW said...

I was not even close to 28 when I was your age. I didn't date a ton while in my early 20's! I was too busy going out like every night to bother with boys. You are on a roll...and almost there!