Wednesday, July 21, 2010

miscellaneous monday - the answers

So I got some comments and questions in regard to my last miscellaneous post so here are my answers:

1. Yes, I am nuts for having no AC. Perhaps that is why I've been so grumpy lately.

2. I feel like I have been talking about jury duty so much this week and correcting people when they ask me what my case was like. I heard multiple cases and voted with others on whether to indict the defendants. All "yes" votes will result in the case going to a trial where another jury will decide on the defendant's guilt. Most of my cases were narcotics related (simple "buy and bust" cases where an undercover officer bought heroin, cocaine or sometimes pills from the defendant and then they were arrested). I definitely learned we are not winning the drug war. It seems like so much money and effort is put into these simple cases where one zip (yeah, I know the lingo now) or a few pills are sold. I did hear one case that involved 4 people running an alleged heroin mill out of Riverdale and a couple of other larceny and gun possession cases.

The gun possession cases were interesting because we had one woman on the jury who was a little wack-a-doodle so every time she had to vote on a case where the word "intent" was used she would always act like she wanted to rewrite laws, say we don't know the person's intent, and argue with the ADAs. We all wanted to vote her off the island.

In general we didn't hear any cases that were super interesting. Just a lot of the same stuff.

3. The dog in the picture is the family dog who lives in California. I miss him so much. He just turned 11 and is N U T S but has calmed down a lot. Here's our first photo as a couple. He was 9 1/2 wks old:

4. I was talking with a co-worker yesterday about The Help and how I think it lends itself so much to a sequel. I can relate so much to Skeeter that I would love to see what happens with her next. And Aibeleen broke my heart.

5. My mom isn't actually trying to hook me up with Colby. She did try to set me up with a co-worker's son when I was in high school but I wasn't having any of it. In hindsight, I think it would have been fun if she did. We might have really gotten along. I don't have a nosy mother when it comes to my love life so I can't really relate to those who do but she is in my corner and when she says things like "I've seen a commercial on TV for eHarmony. Have you tried that? I'm just wondering. It's an idea." I love her all the more.

6. Stephanie, I don't know about Ali. I get that she's cute but sometimes she annoys me. In general though I like that they are playing up her "tomboy" side (though I honestly don't consider her a tomboy) and of all the types of women they could potentially have as Bachelorettes, she does seem the most real. She laughs at everything though! It kind of grates on me at times.

In general, though I know I can't take the show too seriously, what really gets me is how much she and the guys wax poetic about one another. "He could be my husband." and "She is the most amazing woman ever." it just makes me roll my eyes and go "Please, you met two seconds ago." And I do feel like all the exotic locales and hot Disney looking guys are really showing women that only beautiful people find love. Just sayin'. /soapbox rant

PS - Stephanie, how are you?! Where are you? Hope it is amazing.

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Little Match Girl said...

I loved The Help! One of my favorite books this year. I wonder if they will be able to do the movie justice.