Sunday, July 18, 2010

dancing with myself, part one

This weekend I decided to try something new.

I hadn't made any social plans and as several of my good friends here have either moved away, gotten boyfriends, or gone MIA, I've been feeling a bit blue lately.

So I decided to have a weekend long date with myself. I purposefully did not (try to) make plans with friends beyond the beach plans I'd tried to (fruitlessly) to make last weekend that led me to this idea. Instead, I decided to focus on spending some alone time with myself, enjoying the things that make me happy, and eliminating hurt feelings, frustration, loneliness, and all those other fun things no one likes to feel on a Saturday and Sunday anyway. I can't! I'm busy! I've got plans!

But Mama works hard for every penny so last night I spent the evening with a sweet little girl with an even sweeter British accent. She sang and danced for me, we colored in her Disney Princess Color Wonder book together (SO wish they would have had those when I was a girl!) and she proudly and confidently announced "I can do everyfink."

A lightbulb went on. Yes you can!

Her innocent comment got me thinking about all the things I have convinced myself I can't do or can't have simply through the realization of adulthood. Oh, to be three again! While I was there last night I mapped out a plan for myself for the weekend. Here it is:


late AM/early PM: laundry

It was so stinkin hot in that laundromat that I had to come home and jump in the shower. Obviously no one includes laundry in a fun "all me" weekend but ya can't run around naked!

late PM: haircut

This didn't go super well. I've been wanting, for a while now, to find a good salon/hairdresser that can help me with a great cut for my curls. I was so hot and so sick of the hair that I just gave up and went to a cheap-o place and got what I paid for. The fancy haircut will have to wait. Not really even sure what the woman did as I haven't styled my hair since the cut but I made sure I just stuck to the basics so she couldn't mess it up. Didn't end up getting that much cut off anyway.

6:00-7:30: dance class

I took jazz from a new teacher tonight. It was so hot in the studio that I was wondering for a while if I could even finish class. I did though and was a wuss and cabbed it home.

night: movie

While my clothes were in the spin cycle, I made my way over to Blockbuster. I've been wanting to see An Education for a while so I figured I would watch it tonight. I liked it a lot. Carey Mulligan is great.

On tomorrow's agenda...

massage (I splurged! I'm so excited!)
picnic/reading/writing in Central Park (if the heat is unbearable I might have to hit up a Starbucks instead)
grocery shopping/cooking/relaxing in the evening

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DSS said...

I absolutely adore "schedule" me time :) My friends all of the sudden want to do things, and I simply say "sorry...i'm all booked this weekend". And I enjoy every minute of it!