Monday, July 19, 2010

miscellaneous monday

1. I am sort of addicted to the Bachelorette this season. But it is giving me a Prince Charming complex for sure.

2. I am also addicted to The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Can't stop reading it.

3. My mom called me on Friday to tell me she had heard about this mom who started a website to get her son a date. She thinks I should check him out. Our conversation about it was beyond cute. I love my mom and miss her so much.

4. Jury duty ended today. After serving two weeks on the Special Narcotics Jury for the Supreme Court of the County of New York I have learned the street name for Xanax and taken an elevator ride with a 32 lb. bag of confiscated marijuana. I know so much now.

5. I go "home" to California in just about 5 weeks. This is the longest I have gone since I've seen my family (since Christmas) and I can't wait to get back right now.

6. I still have not put in my AC. I know NY people are going to think I'm nuts but I live in a basement room so it is significantly cooler down here. That said, I do need to put it in. If I only had the strength to go to Home Depot and get wood to cover up the exposed parts of the window that the AC and the flap things don't cover.

7. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would quit my job and spend as much time dancing and traveling as I could stand to.

8. Here is a recent picture of the love of my life:


MCW said...

I loved each one of your tidbits.
I cannot believe you have not turned on your AC. You are nuts.
The Help is an amazing book. One of my recent faves. I want them to write a 2nd one.
Congrats on making it through jury duty!

DSS said...

I adored The Help as well!!

I heard about that website somewhere, and I went and checked it out. Hysterical!! Is she going to try to hook you up? I think it would be neat :) said...

Okay, like five questions:

--No AC?! Seriously?! I was only in NYC thru June 30 and was pumping that baby from May on...

--DID YOU GET A DOG?!?!?!?!

--What's your thoughts on Ali? I'm still not sure about her...

Also, fave quote from that dude's mom: "I even set him up with the saleswoman at the upholsterer I used to re-cover my sofa. I figured I might as well cast a wide net to increase his odds of finding the right woman since he's not hitting the jackpot on his own."

--Can we hear more about Jury Duty?

xo, S.