Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Freaks! All of 'em!

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I joined an online dating site again. I just can't seem to wade through this dry spell I'm having. Yes, I am a bundle of contradictions.

My specialty is "winking." That way a guy knows I'm interested but I don't have to craft long e-mails. My profile is full, I think my picture is cute, so that's a good jumping off point. I signed up last night and have received two winks. One from someone I'm not really interested in (no, thanks) and one from a 37-year-old (double no, thanks). I've winked at several people. A few minutes ago I received a reply e-mail from one particular gentleman that said, "Flattered by the wink but I am looking for a taller lady." I kid not. I am of average height and while I realize that some men are very, very tall, I don't consider myself freakishly small. Thus my first thought...


That thought was then followed by a feeling of rejection, because let's face it, sensitive people feel rejected no matter what the situation is and then frustration of the "What does it take to find a freakin' boyfriend?" variety. Then I considered the following...

He doesn't want someone who is 5'6" and I don't want a Republican. We all have our preferences.
At least this way I know there are guys out there who will not respond because they don't like my height, or my curly hair, or the fact that I love burritos and hate sushi (it isn't food!) Point being that Carrie Bradshaw was once again right in that episode where she frantically searched the apartment of the guy she had just met in order to find something freakish about him and when he walked in on her clawing at what turned out to be a box full of his Boy Scout badges with a letter opener like someone positively certifiable she found the moral of the story: We are all freaks.

I just need to find someone with whom I can let my freak flag fly. As long as he's over 5'9", of course.

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bigBANG studio said...

Loved that episode, and totally amused by the sushi-hating- I love the stuff, but agree: it's not really FOOD. Thanks for visiting bB and leaving a comment! I'm just starting out, so if you're particularly generous tonight and feel like "following" the blog, it would be just heavenly! Oh, and I love Bookishly...can't wait to sit down and read some more of your reviews. Well done!