Sunday, September 20, 2009

uhhh maybe not

How did my "yes" project go this weekend?

Uhhh, it is inconclusive.

I had definitely failed in a way by 9 pm on Friday night, though I am going to maintain that this particular instance falls under the discretion of emotional/mental reason. We went to dinner at a tapas restaurant I was seated across from a girl I had met briefly once before. In a corner full of chatting, chatty chicas the topic of men tends to come up. That's when this girl suggested she set me up with a co-worker of hers. Smart, successful, nice...40ish.

I didn't say "yes."


Oh well. The rest of the night went fine. We went to a fun bar for drinks and then out dancing after. I was dancing with this guy and my roommate noticed he had a ring on. I think resulting conversation went something like this:

Me - You're married?!
Him - blurg blug blah (Turns out he's drunk. Lovely.)
Me - Where's your wife?
Him - pointing and more drunken words
Me - Why are you dancing with me? Don't dance with me, go dance with your wife!!
Him - OK, cool. (Walks away)
Me to roommate - OK, let's go home.


Last night was another birthday celebration for the sister and fiancee of my old roommate. But I was tired and not so much feeling like inserting myself into conversations so I bowed out a bit early and went and got a slice for a late night dinner. Other than the 40 yr old there was really not an instance for me to say "yes" to much this weekend. Want to go for a walk in the park after brunch? Yes. Can you come a half an hour earlier to babysit my kid? Yes. We should plan a party for the anniversary of the day you moved to New York. Yes! OK, maybe that last one is pretty cool.

I've decided to extend my project into this week. Results are pending.

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