Wednesday, September 23, 2009

if you give a girl an online shopping cart...

Lately I'm embracing my inner girl and forget that my bank balance freaks me a bit.
Here are things I'm considering.
Necklaces from wiyomu:

I do have a new necklace I got for my birthday though that has my first initial on it.
or this:

or this:

I'm also in the market for new boots. Isn't everyone? Seriously though, mine are falling apart and I told myself last winter that I'd purchase new ones this fall. My cousin has posted about her faves and I'm going to be an annoying copycat and say I love these from

Sigh. I need 2 pairs - 1 black and 1 brown. I want things that are versitile and I can wear to work with both pants and dresses and then casually with jeans. I heart the riding boot look but would those look too clunky with dresses and tights? Also, I'm a whimp when it comes to heels. I can do them for a while but with as much walking as I do in the city, my feet start to hurt. Mama can't afford to take cabs everywhere. I think the black ones on the left are about as high as I can go.

Finally, I am newly obsessed with Francesca's Collections. I've also been obsessed with dresses lately so I'd like to buy a few more. The dresses here are the perfect blend of cute and easy-on-my-wallet and I'm always finding things I want. In fact, when I went to the website to find this one on the left, I found these others. What's a girl to do?

That doesn't even include the coat I then found and this t-shirt I think is adorable. It is this English major's kitchy dream. I wish they had Jo March from Little Women or Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird though. Alas, I may not have a very big shopping gene but it is definitely there, esp. in an online shopping cart!


Katie said...

Love Francesca's! They're usually pretty affordable, too.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

yes i have a francesca's down the street and it's dangerous. tip on the coupons and sign up for ebates. might help the checkbook a bit.