Friday, September 4, 2009

almost fall, y'all

Even though Fall technically doesn't begin until the 22nd, there is a definite air of mourning as the city enters it's last summer hoorah. My office building is nearly empty today. There are children running around on various floors and my boss held an impromptu cocktail hour earlier today outside her office. I'm hoping to celebrate by going to Coney Island (which might prove that I am really crazy), hitting the park to read and (hopefully) write a bit, and go on a date on Saturday night with a very nice guy I met last week. At least I think it is a date... Hmm.

I love Fall. I love the chill in the air, the leaves, the colors, the sweaters, the sharpened pencils and books. It's the nerd in me, I tell you. I really need to set some goals for myself this Fall so, in a mostly abridged version, here is what I have so far:

1. Spearhead a project at work - We have informal reviews coming up and though I've taken on a lot of tasks it is hard for me to claim something as my own.
2. Begin writing - I'm not really sure how to start but I'd like to start writing fiction. I used to jot things down all the time. I had spiral notebooks I'd write everything from poems, to lists of stupid things, to little stories and letters in. Lately it has been hard for me to get motivated. I have characters in my head. I know I just need to start writing but I avoid it because it is such a solitary activity and since I moved here it has been all about being social and meeting people.

Goals anyone?


Anonymous said...

I love fall! I wish we actually HAD a fall here in AL lol. I'm finishing up my last semester in school, closing on a house in 3 weeks, and trying to getting this blogging thing down :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fall, too. and those sound like some good goals to me.

I've got to run more. I've got a half marathon coming up and I'm not ready yet! That's my goal. Get off my duff and run!

Hope the date went well. Hope to hear some positive details!