Sunday, September 27, 2009

My weekend was... (Sept. 25-27)

Feeling a bit gloomy on this wet and waned Sunday evening. While I wait for the season premiere of Brothers & Sisters, how's about a little perspective...

My weekend was...

  • gaining more knowledge about what I DON'T want in a guy. Case and point - Mr. Obnoxious. He felt it necessary to point out that he hates Manhattan, insist that he doesn't give money to homeless people, chastise me for giving money once or twice touting that "It is illegal. I know. I'm from here." and spitting on me repeatedly while yelling all of this in my ear and becoming more and more intoxicated. Check please!
  • taking one for the team and watching as my sweet and so-deserving roommate chatted with Mr. Obnoxious's quiet and nice friend, who got her number at the end of the night.
  • ripping a bumper sticker off the wall of the restroom because it has my brother's first and middle name on it. So cool.
  • watching a group of kids who have seen more hardships in life than they should have at their young ages chase a football across a field - laughing, running, and so excited to be outside.
  • watching a Columbia U football game with high rise apartments in the background.
  • my chocolate corduroy jacket, brilliantly patterned scarf and a crisp fall day.
  • seeing my somewhat longtime crush and knowing in my heart of hearts that it is getting a bit easier to see him and that one day someone (like him, maybe?) will come along and want me back.
  • ditching the dating scene only one beer in for a night of eggs and fries at the diner.
  • the freedom and time to decompress after a busy weekend - to hang out online, watch ridiculous television, and cook good food on a stormy Sunday.
I may already have a case of the Mondays but I'm trying to see the silver lining... "Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett."

What was your weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, look at you being all busy. Sorry to hear about the obnoxious date. Those are never any fun. But, good for you for taking one for the team for your friend.

Hope you got over the mondays!