Friday, September 18, 2009


My good friend "K" is throwing herself a birthday bash tonight.

It will consist of dinner, drinks, and dancing. I'm excited about the dancing. I wanted to do this for my bday a couple of weeks ago but it didn't pan out. Much planning and preparation has gone into this event on her end. For me, preparation will consist of stopping by Duane Reade to get a card (or maybe even Papyrus if I am feeling extra fancy and rich!) and then maybe getting her a Crumbs cupcake or something. She went all out for my birthday (German chocolate cake from Magnolia, a beautiful scarf from Anthropologie, a fancy card) so I am feeling a little guilty that I'm not shopping for a gift. I told her not to get me something though... She did buy herself a new dress for tonight. Me, I'm wearing something "new" (only worn once) I got at H&M a few weeks ago. After work I plan to go home, shower, put on the dress and a bit of make up and voila! I'm done.

I think K is stressing a bit about tonight, wanting it to go off without a hitch, wanting it to be spectacular and romantic, the way I felt about my own day a few weeks ago. It is just reminding me how nice it is to hitch your wagon to someone else's star sometimes. To get all into someone else's big day where the expectations have little to do with you. It is nice to be recognized and celebrated but it will also be nice to go with the flow tonight and hope that fun is had by all.

Tudor City Girl, whose blog is a new fave of mine, is adopting the "yes" mentality. And I've decided to join. For this weekend I will say "yes" to things - within financial, emotional and mental reason. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Friday!


bigBANG studio said...

loooove the post on manners- adorable blog! i just randomly came across your blog via "a cup of jo" and thought, hmm. flip flops on lex. i know what that's like. i used to live in nyc and now i live in socal- and your blog makes me miss the city! cheers, and happy posting! xo lily

a boy a girl and a pug said...

here's to wishing you a fab'll have to let us know how it goes.

DSS said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and am so enjoying catching up on your blog :)

Don't you just love Tudor City's Girl's "yes" month idea? I've decided to try it as well!