Wednesday, September 30, 2009

not feelin' it

Am currently obsessing about something silly. Must stop.

I have a charity happy hour planned for tonight. I've been looking forward to it for about a month. I paid for the cover and then extra for raffle tickets. I have my fingers crossed for the JetBlue tickets. Hello, vacay! The problem is simple, it is the afternoon of and I simply do not. want. to. go.

I'm used to doing things alone by now and have gone to many a Happy Hour alone - example, another charity happy hour I went to back in June at which I thought I was going to stay 20 mins. I ended up shutting the event down. At 10 pm, don't get excited. But tonight, as I am still minus one, the option doesn't seem quite as enticing as when I reserved my spot a month or so ago. Plus it is all the way downtown. I'd have to get on the subway. Whine. Whine.

The real reason behind all this is that I've had a bad week. Last night, I couldn't wait to retreat to my bed, my remote and Under the Tuscan Sun on AMC. Note to self: buy Tuscan villa ASAP. I can hear the whispers of Oxygen and Lifetime and the call of a vegetarian burrito with extra hot sauce. I yearn for my pjs. If I'm gonna be alone I want to do it on my turf, not in a bar where I make small talk over loud music. I'm just not feeling the "alone in NY thing" today. I'll come back tomorrow.

Buuuuuuuuuut I did sign up for this. If I don't show, the money still goes to the charity so it is just a charitable donation but I paid extra for those stinkin' raffle tickets. And the clincher - I don't want to regret not going. This could pull me out of the funky mood I can't seem to shake. I could end up closing it down again.

My decision deadline is 5 pm, at which point I will clock out with a destination in mind. T-minus 32 mins... It really shouldn't be this hard...

I'm in a funky place.


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you went. I hate when I'm in a funk like that. I really hope you went and got out of your funk or stayed home and got out of your funk.

By the way, I LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun. I was watching it on t.v. a couple of weeks ago and my boyfriend was all "Can we change it?" And I was all "Why, I love this movie." And he said, " I know. you have it on DVD." Men just don't understand. :)

DSS said...

Did you go???? I hope so. It was on a night just like yours that I met TEN. I felt terrible, was irritible, was tired of "trying" to meet someone...but I went and smiled and had cocktails and there he was. Oh, I so hope you went. AND that you won the JetBlue tix :-o