Wednesday, September 16, 2009

karma and chemistry - an online walk through dating blogs and my musings therein

I've been doing a bit of poking around online and now it is time for a confession... I read dating blogs. Cheesy ones.

I've occassionally been known enjoy the blogs at I maintain that I am so not a Cosmo mag kind of girl (not that there is anything wrong with those who are!) but interestingly enough I have more patience for the new Dan Brown book than I do for articles about footwear. But I digress... A few things I've come across this morning have me feeling a bit chatty.

Karma. Specifically, relationship or love karma. I've said here before I generally subscribe religion of the golden rule and don't talk with your mouth full but I do wonder about karma. In it its simplest form it means if you do crappy things it will come back to haunt you if you do nice things (like smile and chat with the overworked Subway employee then he will give you a larger drink for no charge. Yes, this happened last night and sadly, it made my day. Score!) Since we all know enough about the world, science, and life to know that what comes around goes around, I'd say this is fairly accurate. So maybe I'm feeling just a bit like my relationship karma has been drastically affected by choices I've made in the past - or rather any perceived drought might be due to the fact that I once had an abundance of positive karma that I was not in any sort of place to recognize, was too young and baggage-ridden to return, and really did not handle properly. So when I ran across this cute little post about matchmaking with friends it got me thinking... not just about how much I love Fiddler on the Roof or how I really wish I could score myself a good matchmaker right now (if anyone knows of any cute 20-something single males in the tri-state area who might like a bookish girls who love flip flops let me know!) but how I really would like to build up my good karma. What comes around goes around right? I need it to come around my way!

As if all of that wasn't enough through the powers of a mouse click I then came across this post about romantic chemistry and lack-thereof. In my dating escapades the most important thing I have learned is that there seriously is no discounting chemistry. While a guy might look great on paper, if the spark isnt' there, it fizzles quickly. I've dated a couple of guys with whom I stuck around simply waiting on said spark. No need to elaborate on those endings. But this girl's "old" post about her husband (who, by the way is a cutie!) has me thinking I might surprise myself. She sounds just like me (preference wise) and if I end up with someone like her hubby I don't see how that can be a bad thing at all!

Karma. Chemistry. It is all a crap-shoot right? My parents have been married for 33 yrs. They met when they were a few years younger than I am. How in the hell did that happen?
PS - This one is fun, too. I have to say that my biggest pet peeves are currently the "your" "you're" grammar fiasco and macho guys who work in publishing who are obviously overcompensating for the fact that they work in a female-dominated industry.

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Anonymous said...

I firmly believe in relationship karma. And I was like you and maybe abused to abundance of relationship good will that I had. I was single for what felt like FOREVER, got my heart ripped out by a total jerk, and eventually fell in love again. but, it took awhile. I had to repair all the bad karma, I guess. Note to self: ALWAYS call a guy back, even if it's just to tell him you're not interested. Leaving someone hanging is the worst thing to do and I did it and I paid for it, believe me.