Sunday, August 30, 2009

blue jean baby, LA lady

Today I am the age I was when my father married my mother. My mom is three years younger. So three years ago I felt very "adult". Now I just feel established in my adulthood. Like I should buy a house. Contribute more to my 401k. Be picking out china.

Well maybe not that much on the china thing. Birthdays (in line with Valentine's Day, Christmas...uhhh Flag Day) have a funny way of reminding the single girl that she is single. Maybe that's why I wanted so much to go out last night and have a true NY birthday. After all it was my first in this city. But things never work out the way you want them to. My roommate and I met some of her friends and her friends of friends at a rooftop bar. So not "me" but those places are fun until the techno starts swirling around my head and I can't breathe it is so crowded. I much prefer to boogie to a Duran Duran song. What does this say about me? We were hit on by three guys who reminded me of the Boutabi (sp?) brothers. You know, Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell from A Night at the Roxbury. We'd jokingly come up with a signal on Friday. Rubbing your nose means "He's cute." Pulling on your ear means "Abort! Abort!" I was pulling pretty vigorously at my ear. She'd forgotten the signal. We were trying to figure out how to get out of it. Oh the stories. She says they were utilizing various techniques from The Pick Up Artist. I've never seen this show but I venture to say they didn't quite grasp the execution portion. After a trying a couple more spots we ended up at our favorite diner eating cheese fries at 3 am. That's more like it.

Today I'm remembering that I'm a girl who loves flip flops and jeans. Today I'm conceeding to my love of Mexican food and small gatherings with a good friend or two. Today I tell myself I'm a low key bar kind of girl where the guys look like they'd like a girl who loves flip flops and jeans. Today I love New York but I can't keep up with the expectations. I make my own expectations.


Natalie said...

aw happy birthday! I went to a baby shower yesterday and had to bring a baby picture for a game. The only one I could find was my mom and I at the hospital, just after she gave birth, and she looked young - she was 20 but looked 12 I swear! I felt old, here I am at 24, no kids, just a puppy.

Its weird how things change!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! And good for you for figuring out who you are and sticking to it. If you want low-key you should have lowkey. I'm with ya. The guy for you isn't hanging out on rooftop bars. Although, I wouldn't mind checking one out. Seems very New York.

karen boyle said...

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