Sunday, August 8, 2010

august is the new july: my weekend was...

My weekend was...
  • discovering my limits during a Friday afternoon dance class. I might not be a "young dancer" anymore but it is still fun! My poor knee couldn't handle the floor work though.
  • catching the fireworks on Coney Island having just eaten my first real Nathan's hotdog.
  • chatting with a nice guy who I never would have thought would be "my type."
  • taking my first trip to Williamsburg and counting the hipsters.
  • a slice of pizza at 12:30 because we had 20 minutes until the next L train.
  • relaxing away a Saturday - just enjoying the solitude.
  • recognizing the roots I've put down while shopping for a friend's engagement gift and hoping the train to go to her engagement party.
  • playing with my roommate's dog and realizing how good it would be for me to have one of my own.
  • eating brunch with new friends.
What was your weekend?


MCW said...

Jealous of the hot dog. I hope you got cheese and chili on it!

Little Match Girl said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And if you ever want some more dog time, maybe we can meet up with my pup? :-)