Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days

It has been the longest three days of my life.

Yes that is drama queen talk but I'm not kidding. Here is the VERY SHORT version:

Sunday night: Apt floods again. Through my CLOSED bedroom window and my roommate's open window in her VERY cluttered room. Other roommate and I have to practically wedge ourselves in against the window and throw ourselves out of it to remove AC. Can't really do much else as water continues to flow through closed windows. Super is MIA and management company closed. Sleep upstairs as my room is basically unlivable. Water all over my bed.

Monday: Go to management company. Our rep is pretty nasty to me. Tone of the conversation (thought she doesn't say this of course) is "Why are you bothering me? This is your fault." I had reported it last time but no one came to help. I get the song and dance repeatedly from these people throughout this whole thing that the super came but we weren't home. Story changes to the super came and saw someone (he is lying, no one saw him) leaving as he was entering the apt. I am in tears as I go home to meet the super there.

Super comes to apt and does nothing to fix it. Clears storm drain outside my window (basement level) and leaves. 10 mins later I have 6 inches of water outside my window. He is an ass and is blaming us for not sweeping and letting leaves get the drain. Informs me it is our responsibility to clean a STORM DRAIN.

Can't get a straight answer from him or even get through to management company. Sit there helpless and calling every 15 mins. Plumber shows. Can't reach the clog. Has to come back the next day. Has to tear into walls. At this point I know there is no work for me today or the next day. Roommates can't/won't be there and it is left up to me as I don't trust the super or management company to do diddly squat at this point. More tears. Do 5 loads of soaking wet towels and wet clothes. I go to the office around 10:30 and get home about 1 am because I HAVE to do work. I am leaving for vacation the next day and will be gone a week. The whole day I have been in contact with my boss about what needs to get done before I leave.

Tuesday: In bed at 1 but can't sleep so I'm up until after 2. Roommate who is out of town for work in NJ for 2 wks texts me frantically at 4:30 am. I'm awake and go back to work from 6-9 because again, I have to work, but have to be there too. At this point I am the only one really running this ridiculous circus. Owner shows around 9:30 and I almost kiss his feet once he starts ordering people around like he's God and they listen to him. There is talk of cleaning crews, electricians, patching and painting, and making it better than it was before while 6 guys are in my room tearing into my walls. Feels like Christmas.

I got on a plane at 5pm last night to come to California and have NEVER been so excited to sit in a tiny seat for 6 hrs. Roommates are in contact and say that painting has been done and that things are returning back to normal.

That is the short version. And yes, New York, I still love you. You're pushing your luck though.


a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh what a mess. so glad it got straightened out before you left. hope you're getting to enjoy the vacation.

MCW said...

Ah! I am sorry! That really, really stinks!!!

Little Match Girl said...

Oh no!! That sounds awful. Hopefully things will be better when you get back from CA and you'll be able to relax and enjoy your time away.

DSS said...

Oh good Lord! That sounds terrible :( I would be in tears too. I've had much less than that happen, and felt like I couldn't handle it. So proud of you for hanging in there, and ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!!! You sure do deserve it.