Wednesday, August 11, 2010

care to share a tidbit?

Today the lovely Summer posted a fun piece of info about herself, so I figured I'd join in:

I participated in sorority rush. Well. Kinda.

So I am kind of a biter but Summer's sorority admission reminded me that I almost was in one myself. I was a transfer student in college so my family thought it might be a good way to meet people and coaxed me into giving it a shot despite my protests that it probably wasn't for me. I signed up, I showed up for a couple of days, got called back to a few places, and then about three days in I quit. It was my birthday and I didn't want to spend it getting dressed up and talking awkwardly with other girls while I tried to convince them that they wanted me in their group.

In one sorority house, we were all greeted by a girl who had so obviously had her lips done about two days before (now that I think of it she kind of reminds me of Heidi Montag version 2.0) and when we went to visit the president in her room, I was greeted by tons of pink and ruffles and a brunette Barbie straight out of Stepford Wives the College Years.

Contrastly, my favorite sorority was one that seemed full of "girls like me" and the ones I met were super friendly. I have always wondered if I would have gotten in, would have made good friends, would have been happier because of it. Do I regret my decision to be a sorority rush dropout? Sometimes. A little bit. In general though I always knew I wasn't the sorority type and years later it doesn't seem to matter much at all to me.

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Jenny DB said...

Similar experience. I was already feeling iffy about it but my girlfriends convinced me to rush. Final night of Rush at Duke happened to be during an ice storm... I had a dress on and warm shoes carried my heels in my purse and was told that I had to walk around in my heels. STUPID. Fell on the ice and umm, quit. That was my breaking point haha