Thursday, August 19, 2010

oh, the places i'll go

I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps today so I am cheering myself by planning imaginary vacations. Here are my top 5!

1. Mediterranean

Above is a shot of Santorini, Greece, a destination that has been numero uno on my list for YEARS. I would love to travel throughout the region though and specifically want to hit up Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Spain, Athens and the Greek Islands in Greece and I've also most recently added Turkey to my list.

2. South Africa

My dream is to one day take a volunteer vacation to the country and work in a township school for a bit. Sights wise, I want to see Table Mountain and go on safari!
3. Egypt

I think I would feel like I had really lived if I were able to see the Great Sphynxes and pyramids of Egypt.

4. St. Lucia, Carribbean

Someday I will go on an incredibly romantic getaway to some tropical island. Right now, I hope it is in St. Lucia.

5. Hawaii

I have never been to Hawaii and when I go I want to do it up right.

I have made it my goal and priority to figure out away to do another international trip next year. It is going to take a lot but I'm going to make it happen.


a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh can i come to greece with you? ha well make it a girls trip! said...

You're always welcome to come to Oman! :) said...

You're always welcome to come to Oman! :)

MCW said...

I was going to say "go visit Stephanie in Egypt!"