Friday, August 20, 2010

make new friends

For the past few weeks, I have been going to a group for twenty-something women who are "new" to the city (liberties taken with the word "new") and are looking to meet people. The group is great, well organized and I've met some really sweet girls.

But making new friends is like dating.

I'd forgotten this.

I am always for new friends, new experiences, and new people. It isn't like I haven't been taking advantage of meeting new people over the past year but ever since a good chunk of my New York City support system fell apart (yes, that sounds a little dramatic but, to me, that's what the loss of two good friendships at once felt like), I have been trying to "put myself back out there" in an attempt to rebuild one.

And rebuilding something so important and complex takes effort and time.

It feels like a break up and like I am testing the dating waters again. It is annoying.


MCW said...

That is a hard thing to do...I thought about moving like you did at one point and chickened out because all of my friends are in NYC!
You will make new friends and amazing ones at that.

DSS said...

I know exactly what you mean! And dating is exhausting and annoying. BUT..once you find that one person that you click's all worth it :) I hope you find her soon...and that she has a great network of bad ass girlfriends that you can kick up your heels with!