Monday, August 9, 2010

do anything: monday affirmations

So here it is. The first of my "affirmations" posts. I've decided to call this series, "I can do anything good!" in hommage to Jessica, the little girl who inspired me to promote self-affirmation on my blog weekly. Here is her video, in case you missed it:

"I can do anything good!" is a Monday installment during which bloggers post one or more self-affirmations. I hesitate to use that word as I know how some people cringe at all things self-help. But really this is just something to start your week off right, focusing on the positive and helping to build one another up.

Each week has a different theme, however, anyone who participates is welcome to deter from the theme and post as they need to. It can be silly or serious, small or large. You may be the world's best baker of chocolate chip cookies or it may be about how much you love your dog. The important thing is that this is something you can go back to when you want to (or need to) get a little perspective.


Today's theme: Monday

Mondays are rough. Most of us don't want to go back to work no matter how much we may like our jobs. And sometimes, the problems we so gleefully abandon on Friday are there to greet us on Monday. Today I discovered I'd made a few small mistakes. It happens.

I do my best and my best is different every day.

What do you tell yourself to get through Mondays? Post your answer on your blog and link below!

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DSS said...

I love this!!! I may just need to borrow that quote to share with my boss ;)

"I do my best and my best is different every day."