Monday, August 2, 2010

miscellaneous monday

1. All my miscellaneous Mondays involve the Bachelorette. I'm watching the Season Finale tonight with a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Can we say self-medicating?

2. Does anyone know how to take someone off your Facebook news feed without blocking or "unfriending" them? There are just things I don't want to see right now and I know how to do it because I've done it before but I can't remember how right now!

3. 22 days until California blast off!

4. One of my roommates has her mom in town for the week and she is crashing at our apartment. Apparently she cooked and cleaned all day and now they are eating dinner together on our patio. I miss my mom!

5. I'm going on my first trip to the Hamptons in a few weeks. I'm excited!

6. I decided today I'm going to have another solo weekend soon where I just spend time with myself and do things to build myself up. Am considering making one of those things trying to rush a Broadway show.

7. I have eaten way too much ice cream.

8. Just solved my filter problem on Facebook.


Sara Lang said...

For facebook, if you mouse over it, there should be a hide button on the right hand side (in your regular news feed). Hope that helps

MCW said...

Oh...the bachelorette! I loved Chris, but I guess she seems really into Roberto. I give them a bit longer then any of the others that have bachelor/ettes...

Jenny DB said...

was gonna help you out with FB but seems you've solved your problem :-)