Friday, August 21, 2009


Random thoughts because I have 22 minutes to kill until my next obligation and it is stormy outside:

  • Meg commented on my last blog post (the one in which I ranted about a certain less-than-platonic someone contacting me via Facebook after he had been MIA for a while). I agree that I could (and probably should) have declined the friend request... I accepted partially because I am nosy and also because I wanted to see what, if anything, he had to say. Turns out he hasn't said anything yet and was just being nosy himself so if it starts to mess with my head I shall delete. Ugh. Drama.
  • I'm currently reading a really interesting book about Anne Frank -- her diary, her life, and her status as more than just a teenaged Holocaust victim. Francine Prose argues that Anne was a writer, given the processes she adopted and the quality of her writing.
  • Having held a fascination for this iconic girl since I was a pre-teen myself, this fairly niche specific book intrigues me and has me thinking about the diaries I used to keep and the idea of keeping one again (or at least beginning to write). I think today blogs are used as diaries more than anything. I wonder how many 21st century girls actually hand write a diary any more. I know I type faster than I write so it is easy to fall back on blogging, also because there isa n instant gratification that comes from others commenting on your thoughts, logging on to read about your life, and putting out a product you know someone sees. Yet I would think (and hope) that there is a level of self-censorship that goes on, though God knows some people do more censoring than others. If I put my raw and pure thoughts and emotions on paper they might frighten me a little sometimes.
  • Tomorrow a good friend is coming in from beyond the boros. I was supposed to go to the beach with her but it looks like it is going to be stormy. Not sure what we are going to do. If I have any NYC readers does anyone have any ideas? Non-New Yorkers don't be shy either.
  • I am probably the only one in this giant building right now. What am I doing sitting here on a Friday?
  • It is so humid out you can cut the air with a knife. Why did I leave California?
  • This is boring. Maybe I should ditch the blog and pick up a journal...

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Meg said...

Yup, that's what I did. Deleted the person because I drove myself nuts check their facebook page. Had to do it to remain sane.

Sounds like an interesting book. I remember sobbing my face off when I read that book.

Hope you found something to do for the weekend! We got the storms here in Michigan and it stunk, but now it's just lovely out. Maybe they'll clear your humidity.

And up until about two years ago, I kept a journal, especially while I was living on my own. I haven't looked at it since I moved last year but sometimes I miss it. Those are my MOST private thoughts, stuff I would never share with The Internet, so it's nice to have that place.