Monday, August 3, 2009

focus, anyone?

I was not really one of those kids that lacked focus. If anything, I focused too much.

Head it the clouds? Nah, that's not me. I was the list-maker, over-acheiver, over-obsessive - still am.

But, I do suck at this blogging thing. I'm a reserved person. I think I'm boring. And... I have no readers.

Maybe I need to focus. I have touched on making this blog about "life in NYC" but, I'm not the club-hopping, expensive bag-toting type. I'm not sure how much attention my excursions will garner when they involve the youngest City set. Plus, how cliched is the mid-twenties-moved-to New York-lovin'-the-nightlife-lovin'-the-boogie thang? Two words - Carrie Bradshaw. I ain't.

I've flirted (pun intended) with making this a dating blog though aside from the relationship dating in New York has to all of the points I listed above, I'm not sure I want a dating blog to represent me and my time here. Though dating, and lack-thereof is a large focus in my life, I'm not the Cosmo kind. Most days I skip the girly glossy stuff, I can't flirt, I hate dating in general, and up until very recently my idea of make up was lip gloss (I've since rediscovered mascara and eyeshadow -- watch out boys!)

So, my focus? I have no idea. What can I write about myself and my life that will interest people? Because that's the point of a public tell-all, right? Playing to the crowd. I've said before that this is mostly for me, but at the end of the day my thoughts generally seem too personal or too boring (two different ends of one very long spectrum, perhaps?) to commit to type. Perhaps my schtick will just have to be the California kid - who loves Chapstick, flip-flops and knows that a journalist's salary (even a sex columnist with her face on book covers and buses) could never buy Manolos and an Upper East Side flat unless a trust fund is involved - trying to find the seemingly illusive nice guy, nice life, nice niche. Until then I'll putter around on the keyboard.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the ordinary stuff that's the best stuff to write about. I treat my blog like I'm telling a story to one of my girlfriends. You know what I mean? You're funny and interesting and I'm sure you've got blog fodder in ya!