Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I wish they all could be...

My time here in California is wrapping up and it has flown by. When I break it down like this, I've done a lot:

Vacation Tally:

Days spent working: 5
Days spent relaxing: 7
Friends I've seen: 4, including 2 college roommates, one friend from my study abroad program, and one babysitting mom turned friend who I will see today
Movies watched: 7 (Woah! They include: Cadillac Records, The Secret Life of Bees, Changeling, Religulous, The Great Debaters, The Time Traveler's Wife, Anne Frank - an ABC TV movie)
Days spent at the beach: 1 (wish it were more but life happens...)
Extended family members I've seen: 9
Books I've finished: 3
Cookies I've baked: dozens

Earlier this year I thought I was headed to Italy next month. Then for a few days I was going to go to London instead. Now it looks like my next vacation will be back home to California for the holidays. I do maintain that living in Manhattan and "vacationing" in So Cal gives me the best of both worlds and I am so glad it has all worked out this way. Still, I'm disappointed I can't go abroad as I've been wanting to travel more internationally for years. That said, I made my choice and living in New York while saving for an international holiday takes more time. I'm considering putting all my money toward my #1 - Greece. Even if I have to go alone as part of a tour group. I've wanted to see Santorini and the other Greek Islands for years. I know I'll get there eventually.

My "Top 5" are: Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy (other parts, I've been to Venice already), and Egypt

Anyone else out there have a "Top 5"?


Anonymous said...

Wow, busy vacation, huh? I've always wanted to go to Italy, but my number one is the Scottish Highlands. I've never been abroad and hope to someday, even if I have to be brave like you and join a tour group.

luckygirl said...

totally have a top 5 travel wish list!

my number 1 is greece as well! i want to save it for a honeymoon though :)

2. tour of spain
3. more of italy - have only been to milan
4. ireland with my mama - she's 100%!
5. tour of canada

my top 5 international traveled spots are:
1. prague
2. bruges
3. vienna
4. krakow
5. lucern

you should add some of those to your list!

Marie said...

luckygirl - I've had it in my head that I want to do a Mediterranean cruise for my honeymoon. Who knows when that will happen (or if it will) though so I'll plan for Greece alone if I have to.

My list does get bigger! I'd love to see pretty much all of Europe, go to London again, Vienna, Germany, etc. I loved Prague and Bruges - both are beautiful cities. I'd also love to go to Montreal, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, various places in South America, etc. etc. I could go on and on...