Thursday, August 13, 2009

texting up I-5

Today I accompanied my father up to Newport Beach on business. During the roughly 45 minute drive we discussed the normal father-daughter things: healthcare, politics, technology, you know, typical chit chat. The subject turned to technology when I whipped out my phone and began texting my best friend who was writing to ask for recommendations on love stories. Dad doesn't understand texting. He doesn't get the point, the draw, the usefulness of it. Who wouldn't love something that lets you have a hidden conversation when you are supposed to be doing something else? Last night when we went to my cousin's house to see his children as well as my aunt, uncle, other cousin, his wife, and their daughter, the subject among the older generation turned to texting. My uncle asked why it was that sometimes he can text his son but my cousin won't be able to talk on the phone. I commented that it was like cheating or passing notes in class. This didn't sit well with the group.

Anyway, when the subject came up today in the car, I said to my dad, "We are of different generations. What can I say?" He may not agree with texting but I happen to like it most of the time. I am fully aware that there is a chance I have developed a little ADD as I am not really able to sit and be without having to be completely plugged in most of the time, but texting does have its advantages. My best friend and I can still converse when she has run out of her monthly allotted cell minutes. How else are we supposed to have deep, meaningful conversations such as these?:

E - Have you read a really good love story recently?
Me - Time Traveler's Wife. I want to read Possession too.
E - I think I'm going to read Sundays at Tiffany's.
Me - I kind of want to read Tori Spelling's books.
E - Seriously?!
Me - Yes, I have gotten into her show recently and I kind of like her. There is kind of a love story in The Forest of Hands and Teeth (a book I recently sent her). But it is better in the second one.
E - I think I'll take that to ******* with me. I can't believe you like Tori Spelling.

Just a typical Thursday for two young tech-saavy, 21st century girls. My dad would love it, no doubt. We do have more important conversations, of course, which sometimes baffles me.

Does anyone out there have parents who actually text? Are you a big texter? I wasn't until a few years ago. Gotta keep up with the trends though, esp. when everyone in the City texts. (I got a text reminder for a haircut appointment a few months ago. I was amazed.) Still have yet to jump on the Twitter bandwagon though.


luckygirl said...

i'm a HUGE texter! i got a sidekick like 5 years ago and it was so easy to text on the real keyboard. i can't stop now. my best friend and i rarely even talk on the phone anymore because we text all day. so bad!

Anonymous said...

Love me some texting! And my friend's mom texts, but she has always been hip to the latest technology. In fact, I think she has a cooler phone than my friend.