Wednesday, August 5, 2009

childless and yet still on potty patrol... funny how things work out.

It is 4:16pm.

I like to refer to the hours between 3 and 5 pm as the "witching hours". It has definitely been a struggle since I got in today.

I've been working non-stop all week. 8-9 hrs at my "real job" and then 4-5 hrs at my "after hours job" where I have been on potty and teeth brushing duty and despite the fact that I have been able to sit in a wonderfully air conditioned stylish apartment and watch the likes of 16 & Pregnant: Unseen Moments and Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood I have been thinking the whole time, "I want to go home. I have so much to do." Tonight I am going to a movie screening, which I realize is wonderful. But I am tired. I want to sleep.

This post is really just an excuse to share these little tid bits of two-year-old with those who like "Kids Say The Darndest Things" moments:

(when I discovered little "M" on her plastic pink potty in the bathroom
after I had just put her to bed...)

Me: What are you doing? I thought you went to bed.

Her: I had to potty but nothing came out!!

Me: Well... that's because you went 10 minutes ago.

(after I put her in bed with the door half open and she was still talking to me from the bedroom)

Her: I'm waiting for Mommy.

Me: Mommy will come home after you go to sleep. The sooner you go to sleep,
the sooner Mommy is here.

Her: Well... will you teach me how to wait for her because I don't know how
to wait for her.

Me: Well... you close your eyes.

Her: Oooohhhhhhh...

And finally...

(when I put her back in bed, sang Twinkle, Twinkle and attempted to exit the room again post potty sneak)

Her: If you don't want to watch the show on TV turn it off. And if you want
to play you can play with my toys.

I'm tellin' ya folks. It isn't just about the money...

4:27 now. Sigh.


Bella said...

so cute!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

how generous of her to offer up her toys. i'm also bit sad tori and dean is over for the season.