Thursday, August 20, 2009

What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook

Just a drive-by post to say that I really don't understand men and Facebook. Perhaps that is why I am still single and such a fair-weather Facebook user.

A blast from the past just added me as a "friend." Said nothing, just a friend request in my inbox. I suppose this is a very non-commital form of communication but we haven't spoken nearly a year and it is contact all the same. I'm sure he doesn't want to be my friend, as in real-life-how's it goin?-I'll-send-you-a-message-on-your-birthday friend. When my oldest friend (I have known her since the age of 4) was suddenly only communicating with me via MySpace messages, I knew these sites were evil. Is he just spying on me? I, too, have fallen to the voyeuristic pull of social networking, however, I would have preferred he never contacted me if all he wanted was to up his friend numbers (grrr friend collectors) or puruse my profile. Perhaps I take it all a bit too seriously but it is bringing back too much bad energy and too many hurt feelings that I just don't want or need.

What does everyone here think about FB and MS? Any random "friend requests" you wish would never have happened?


New England Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm loving yours. :)

I have never had a MS, and I only use FB once in awhile. I went to college in Scotland, so using facebook is an easier way of staying in touch. More people use it than email, and calling is too expensive. Plus, most of my friends from school are scattered around the world; FB makes it easy to stay connected. Beyond the occasional note or private message though, I don't use it. It's too impersonal. :)

Anonymous said...

I love facebook, as it lets me connect with my out of state friends, see pictures of my out of state nephew, chat with my brothers and "friends" I lost touch with but still like to throw a quick hello too.

But, if there's ever bad energy, and I did have some but deleted the friend for my own sanity, I would decline the friendship. Why even put yourself out there?