Thursday, August 6, 2009

Julia Child and rut lists

I went to a movie screening for Julie and Julia last night.

First, may I say that I heart Meryl Streep. She is amazing and once again, her performance of culinary guru Julia Child was spot on. Without giving too much away, here is my general opinion of the movie, which I understand is pretty on par with most critics: too much Julie, not enough Julia. Though I did like Julie's story (and love Amy Adams), I did not like Julie. That's it. I won't say any more. See the movie and we'll discuss.

My cousin posted last night wondering if Julia ever makes enchiladas. I wish she did! I must say, I am not much of a cook. Since moving to New York, the size of my kitchen has been practically cut into a quarter of what it has been in other places. Even in college I lived in a suite that had a brand new open kitchen. I used it much more than my roommates. When I lived at home I'd become used to cooking for a family of four when my mom worked late (or even when she didn't) and baking became quite a cathartic experience. Since the Manhattan move though things have just gone downhill. I am by no means a great cook. I'm not experimental and can be a bit picky about what I cook. I'm much more of a baker though! In my last apartment I had a very skinny galley kitchen with a window, roommates who rarely cooked and were often both away at the same time. I cooked at least a couple of times a week. I now live with three other girls, my kitchen is smaller, and though they don't cook much, I don't really care to. But you can't come away from this movie without being inspired to chop and dice, and maybe even bone a duck! Good thing I'm going home and will have a fully stocked kitchen at my disposal. I doubt I'll be taking a recipe out of Julia's book (sorry, Julia, French food isn't really my thing - butter is amazing but too much doesn't work for me) so I'm thinking enchiladas may be in order.

In the movie, Julie Powell, an approaching-thirty-year-old married woman living in Queens, New York who works a cubicle job feels lost so she turns to Julia and blogging. So inspired by her she claims, "I was drowning and she saved me." or something of that nature. Wow, I wish Meryl Streep could do that for me. I simply don't idolize anyone enough. But the idea of the goal and blogging about it is intriguing for me. On my biggest "stuck in a rut" days I often think I should take up a project that would better me emotionally, creatively, and/or physically.

A few things I've considered are:

1. Train for a marathon (since I could probably barely run 3 miles at this point, this seems like a pipe dream).
2. Begin my novel (sigh...)
3. Begin freelancing (a little more realistic feeling)
4. start a blog project (waiting on an epiphany!)
5. learn to do something new (who knows what?)
6. try something new to help me meet people (specifically guys)

About every two weeks or so it hits me: I get bored with the status quo. So I think I'm going to finally do it and then life happens, I get busy, I let it go... only to be picked up again the next time the rut hits. I would say I'm about day 3 into this rut cycle and yet, I'm super busy, going out of town tomorrow, and just content to be frustrated with it until it goes away. Maybe next time around.

Anyone else out there have a "rut list"? Julia's was short (she tried hat making, bridge lessons and possibly a few other things before she settled on cooking) and she hit the nail fully on the head. Maybe I need to take a page out of her book. I'm sure I won't be the only one. I think Julie and Julia opens this weekend. Go see it!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I read the book, and even in the book I had a hard time liking Julie.

I get being stuck in a rut. Good luck getting out of it. and good luck finding something to inspire you. Also, I NEVER ran, but when I quit smoking I started and now I'm trainig for a marathon on my 30th birthday. It's not impossible by any means...